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Agent FAQ

Is this really free?
Yes, a basic directory listing is free for all licensed reverse mortgage agents with a LinkedIn account.

How will you guys still in business if the site is free?
We plan on allowing minimal advertising by financial services providers. Additional, we may allow a limited number of agents to be featured at the top of a state directory page for a nomimal fee.

How many leads will I receive? is a relatively new site. Our first goal is to market to reverse mortgage agents around the country to populate our directory. After we've received a sufficient number of quality sign-ups, we will start marketing to consumers via PPC, Social Media and SEO. The actual number of leads you may receive will depend on a number of factors such as your location, states licensed in, website traffic, number of other agents licensed in your state.

Why is a LinkedIn account required? aims to be a website where agents and consumers communicate rather than just a static directory of reverse mortgage agent listings. We believe by requiring a LinkedIn account for agents, consumers can have an extra level of comfort and trust.
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