Reverse Mortgage Lenders Social Media 2013 Rankings

As the population in the nation gets older, reverse mortgages are quickly becoming an option for house rich but cash strapped seniors. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are becoming ways of communication and education for seniors and their loved ones researching reverse mortgages. From posting a question on a Facebook page to asking a quick question on Twitter, more seniors and loved ones are able to interact with representatives from banks, credit unions and direct lenders who provide reverse mortgage products. recently gathered data from social media accounts of the top 100 reverse mortgage lenders in the country and compiled a list of the 25 most social media friendly reverse mortgage lenders and ranked them based on their online social media activity and presence on 5 of leading social media platforms. The top 100 reverse mortgage lenders were based on year to date (as of March 31, 2013) origination data from Reverse Market Insight.

Ranking Criteria
The highest possible score was 100, with a maximum of 30 points for Facebook, 30 for Twitter, 15 for YouTube, 10 for Google Plus, 15 for LinkedIn.

If your company made this list then congratulations on having a solid social media plan. Please feel free to use our Top 25 badge on your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere else so potential customers know that they will be able to keep up to date on your company and outreach. The statistics were based on stats as of April 13, 2013.

Top Most Social Media Friendly Reverse Mortgage Lenders 2013

Overall Rank

Movement Mortgage

Overall Points: 76.3
Overall Rank

One Reverse Mortgage

Overall Points: 68.32
Overall Rank

Residential Finance

Overall Points: 67.42
Overall Rank

Mountain America Credit Union

Overall Points: 65.0
Overall Rank

America First Credit Union

Overall Points: 63.94
Overall Rank

Primary Residential Mortgage

Overall Points: 63.18
Overall Rank

Guaranteed Rate

Overall Points: 60.46
Overall Rank

Money House

Overall Points: 60.4
Overall Rank

Open Mortgage

Overall Points: 52.72
Overall Rank

LeaderOne Financial

Overall Points: 52.42
Overall Rank

Associated Mortgage Bankers

Overall Points: 51.34
Overall Rank

AmeriPro Funding

Overall Points: 47.02
Overall Rank

Reverse Mortgage Network

Overall Points: 44.54
Overall Rank

Universal Lending Corporation

Overall Points: 43.68
Overall Rank

Pacific Residential Mortgage

Overall Points: 43.16
Overall Rank

Texas Lending

Overall Points: 43.06
Overall Rank

Gateway Funding

Overall Points: 42.86
Overall Rank

Sterling Savings Bank

Overall Points: 42.4
Overall Rank

Residential Home Funding

Overall Points: 41.38
Overall Rank

Advisors Mortgage Group

Overall Points: 41.18
Overall Rank

American Advisors Group

Overall Points: 39.48
Overall Rank

VIP Mortgage

Overall Points: 39.02
Overall Rank

Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank

Overall Points: 38.22
Overall Rank

VIG Mortgage

Overall Points: 36.24
Overall Rank

Generation Mortgage

Overall Points: 35.4

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